tax planning

  • Do you hate paying your hard-earned money to the taxman?
  • Can you think of better things to spend your money on?
  • Would you rather use that money to build your business? buy that new car? take the family on holiday?
  • What if we tell you that you can? … Interested?

It is said that death and taxes are the only certain things in life, but we can put you in control of your taxes.

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At Ashby Dale we have over 30 year experience in giving our clients control over their tax bills… in fact we are able to give most clients complete tax freedom if they desire (excluding the hidden, indirect taxes on what you buy such as VAT and fuel duty).

Simply put, we develop tax structures that enable you to choose how much tax you pay, even if that is no tax at all… and we do this whilst complying fully with UK and international law, as well as ensuring there is little or no disruption to the everyday running of your business.

Please note that our fees in this respect are in two types:

  1. Where we give you verbal advice on what you need to do to in order to set up a working structure we charge an hourly rate.
  2. Where we provide a detailed report on exactly what is required, which business/entity types to use etc then we charge a fixed fee, which is invoiced and payable when we provide you with the report, NOT when you instruct us to "start the ball rolling" 

Please note we only give advice that complies with UK & International law and we do not get involved with tax evasion, money laundering or contrived tax avoidance schemes.

Find out how much tax we can save you — email us —

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