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Experience has shown us that businesses that do not exercise some control over their tax bills tend to have slower growth and be less stable, but controlling tax can help a business at any stage… you just need good advice at the right time… Many businesses however only get cosmetic tax advice from their accountants (using up your allowances, claiming all your expenses, incorporating etc) and therefore still end up paying more tax than they need to.

We have 30 years experience in developing ways to enable our clients to control their tax bills without stepping on the taxmans toes. Over this time tax laws and views have changed considerably, but the structures we develop remain substantially the same as we use genuine business structures rather than relying on tax loopholes that just give temporary advantage.

Whilst all of the business structures we develop for clients are designed to stand up to close scrutiny by the taxman, we are also very aware that it is far less stressful to not incur that scrutiny in the first place… so we not only design a tax efficient business structure for you, but we can also help you implement and manage it so that it can be effective for many years to come — saving you money year after year.

Please note that our tax planning service is only suitable if your business tax bill is normally in excess of £5,000… the higher the tax bill the greater the tax reduction we can achieve… in some cases we can reduce a businesses tax bill by as much as 90% (the average reduction is around 65%)

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